The Suite Shop serves up batches of hand-crafted, illustrative logo designs and branding suites that have been conceptualized in advanced and made available for you or your business on a semi-custom basis.

All of our work arrives to the shop in small ‘batches’ and are available on a limited basis. It’s simple: once a logo or branding suite is purchased, it is removed from our shop FOREVER - making you the sole owner of it.

We believe that businesses in all stages and budgets should have access to beautiful, thoughtful design.

Our Story

Anna Núñez + Jesús Núñez are the founding partners of The Suite Shop, based in St. Petersburg, FL with a collective passion for the arts and businesses. Anna is a college graduate with a degree in art. Whenever she isn’t working on designs she’s either working on her fine art or watching trash TV shows (no shame there). Jesús has a background in music and real estate with experience managing bands along with other businesses. You can find him on his time-off noodling on his guitar or synthesizers.